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Christmas Island Fishing Adventures

Christmas Island Bottom Fishing

Bottom fishing at the world largest coral atoll is some of the best action you will find anywhere. We like to use 6-8 ounce vertical butterfly jigs and we are always amazed at how much action these lures put out. We average about 1-5 bottom drops with these jigs before something smashes them. We fish the jigs in waters 100-300 feet deep at the drop offs located on the offshore ledges. Here a wide variety of species including GT, amber jack, tuna, snapper, grouper, job fish, coral trout, and rainbow runner can be caught jigging. We have even caught sail fish while jigging offshore. Jigging is a good way to put some really tasty food on the lodge table and to get incredible fishing action.

A bit closer to shore Damashi and Sabiki fishing offers excellent light tackle bottom fishing action. When we go down to Christmas we make a bunch of custom 30-40 pound damashi rigs rigged to 5-7 ounce leads. We use them until they are all completely smashed. We will fish the outer reefs anywhere from 30-80 feet deep. We end up catching a lot of large goat fish, snapper, job fish, coral trout, trevally, and grouper. Whether it be jigging or damashi fishing, bottom dropping on Christmas Island reefs is a sure fire way to get results. It is  just too easy to over fish inshore reefs. We request that anglers only keep a few fish to eat while fishing the offshore waters and encourage the release of everything else. Come join us on Christmas Island for a fishing adventure of a life time.