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Christmas Island Fishing Adventures

Christmas Island fly Fishing

Almost every fly fisherman in the world has heard about Christmas Island. It has been a bucket list and dream destination for many anglers. The world largest coral atoll offers an endless maze of tidal flats. These flats cover a massive amount of area (150 sq. mi.) and are loaded with all kinds of fish and bait. The bone fish population is thriving at Christmas Island in fact the inner lagoon is teaming with life. The Kiribati government has protected Christmas Atoll as a wildlife sanctuary and because of this protection the fishing has gotten better in recent years. No longer allowed are commercial netting activities within the lagoon. Milk fish farms have been established for island resident food sustainability. When locals are caught for fishing violations within the wildlife sanctuary they are punished with steep fines. The Kiribati government and the island residents realize the importance of protecting their valuable fishing resources. They want to remain a world class fishing destination for all its sport fishing visitors. This is why a local guide is required to fish within protected areas of the lagoon. All bone fish and giant trevally caught sport fishing inside of the lagoon are released. The locals are very proud of the excellent fishing on Christmas Island and work hard to protect it for its visiting anglers. Bone fish can also be caught in the shallow fringe reefs that surround the atoll. We found the best way to explore the fertile fly fishing grounds is boat. A local guide will be with you to assist you every step of the way and will take you to the hottest bone fishing flats.

If you love fly fishing then you will truly enjoy the fly fishing experience of Christmas Island. Just being on the atoll is amazing in itself. You will find a place lost in time and a true Polynesian experience. The local people are very fun and kind. The warm tropical waters are very soothing and the fishing is incredible. Not only are the flats teeming with bone fish but there are schools of trevally, barracuda, snapper, goat fish, job fish, and wrasse to be caught on the fly as well. There is also a large population of milk fish that attracts fly anglers to try and catch these strong hard fighting herbivores with a sea weed fly. Fly fishing for Christmas Island GT is a mission in its own right. The giant trevally’s that live in the lagoon will challenge the best of fly fisherman and there brute strength will test the toughest of gear. Offshore at the atoll provides fly fishermen a chance at big game pelagic’s such as tuna, wahoo, and sail fish. Fly anglers will have blast fishing the offshore water around the atoll. However you throw a fly at it Christmas Island provides fly fisherman endless fishing possibilities. Book with us now for a Christmas Island fly fishing adventure of a life time.