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Christmas Island Fishing Adventures

Christmas Island Giant Trevally Fishing

Giant trevally are an exciting strong fighting fish. We heard rumors that Christmas Island was loaded with GT. Sure enough GT and other species of trevally roam like packs of wild coyotes at Christmas Island. Giant trevally are one of the top reef predators at Christmas Island and many can be caught here. There are a lot of ways to catch these scrappy aggressive fish. You can catch GT fly fishing, top water popping, crank baiting, jigging, trolling, and bait fishing. We have caught giant trevally with every method possible. Giant Trevally can be caught inside the lagoon and outside of the lagoon. GT are not the only species of trevally found here.  Christmas Island is home to blue fin trevally, yellow spot trevally, barred trevally, mirror trevally and black trevally. If you’re looking for incredible GT fishing Christmas Island is the place for you.

GT can easily be spooked by loud splashes when hunting the shallow flats of the lagoon, so fly fishing is a good method for catching trevally in thin water. Many fly anglers stalking the flats will bring two poles, one for bone fish and one for GT. Local guides can assist anglers by holding GT fly rods while they sight fish for you. Once GT are spotted fly anglers will switch to a trevally rod. Giant trevally can also be caught in the shallow tidal flats with light action spinning rods using small poppers, plastic swim baits, spoons, and jigs. Top water popping in the deeper waters that channel through the tidal flats can produce good GT action too. Trolling a diving minnow behind the outrigger boat while maneuvering though the channels of the lagoon has also landed a lot of trevally.

Another method used for catching GT inside of the lagoon is baiting them with milk fish. GT love to eat milk fish. The local guide’s are permitted to net milk fish for bait and after netting milk fish the guides will chum the bait on the flats. The longer the guides chum this fresh cut bait, the bigger the GT’s will get and pretty soon there will be 40-80 pound GT swarming around your feet. This is quite a spectacle to see. During this chum driven feeding frenzy the giant trevally will hit just about any artificial lure presented to them including flies and poppers but a sure fire way to hook up with a beast is to throw a piece of bait out behind the chum line. However you decide to hook trevally inside of the lagoon hold on tight. Since the GT can’t dive deep in the shallow waters of the lagoon they go on blistering long runs along the bottom instead. Many 100 pound GT have been caught inside the lagoon. There is plenty of fun GT action to be had within the shallow sanctuary of the protected lagoon.

Fly fishing and top water popping outside the lagoon along the shoreline and encompassing fringe reef is also a thrilling way to catch giant trevally. One of our favorite ways to catch GT is to pull the outrigger boat up to a reef in about 100 feet of water. We like to spin cast with large poppers that make big splashes and that will draw up the GT from the reef below. It’s quite exciting to see these aggressive fish come up and smash the big lures. Enticed to the top and during this aggressive strike behavior, the GT can be caught on a fly as well.  The shoreline and fringe reef around the atoll provides a lot of fly fishing and top water action for trevally with lighter tackle. There are plenty of blue fin trevally and other trevally species that live along the outer reefs of the atoll. Fly fishermen and top water popping enthusiast will find an abundance of trevally action at Christmas Island as well as the action from barracuda, snapper, grouper, job fish, and wrasse.

When our arms wear out from all the top water casting we will resort to bottom jigging. Dropping butterfly jigs down to the reefs below is an almost certain way to hook a GT. Giant trevally live on the bottom near the reef so presenting the lure directly to them where they live makes for incredible action.  However you decide to fish for the GT you will most certainly catch them here until your arms tire. Christmas Island is a GT anglers dream come true and an incredible experience. Gear up and have a blast fighting these tough fish. Take advantage of our low rates and book a Christmas Island fishing adventure of a life time.