Christmas Island Fishing Adventures

Christmas Island Offshore Fishing

The offshore waters surrounding the atoll offer incredible pelagic fishing opportunities. The island is a raised atoll and it drops off sharply into deep water. The deep blue water is located very close to shore and anglers won’t have to venture far to be on the ledge. Tuna, wahoo, and sailfish are the most common species caught along with the occasional mahi and marlin. Trolling offshore lures along the ledges will put tasty food on the lodge dinner table. Even fly fisherman can get into the offshore pelagic action. If offshore fishing is what you’re after we can provide it.

The local guides will know if the tuna bite is hot and when it is on you will see huge bird piles just offshore. Getting into a Christmas Island bird pile is a sight to behold and the pile will most likely will be holding yellow fin tuna. One of our favorite ways to fish the bird piles are with top water poppers. It’s not uncommon to hook up on every cast into the bird pile resulting in double and triple tunas in the 30-80 pound range.  Fly fishermen will also have a blast casting into the yellow fin pile. Tuna can be caught trolling around the pile and in the blind too. When the tuna fishing is on, it is some of the best in the world. Yellow fin tuna, skip jack tuna, and mackerel tuna all frequent Christmas Island waters.

Wahoo are plentiful offshore the atoll too and wire leaders attached to diving rappala’s are some of the best ways to catch them. These fast hitting and fun fighting fish are also great eating. There are a lot of sailfish in the waters around Christmas Island too and they put up a great fight on light tackle. Sail fish are beautiful and a valuable sport fish. We request angler’s release all sail fish and bill fish at the atoll and only keep a few pelagic’s to feed the lodge. Fly anglers have successfully caught all of the pelagic species listed here so if that’s what you’re into gear up and go for it. With so much fishing to be had at the atoll it’s hard to figure out what to focus on. For sure it is worth spending some time offshore in the waters around the atoll. The local guides have a wealth of experience to assist you in whatever type of fishing you want to do. Our fishing package provides 6 days of boat service . Take advantage of our low pricing and book a fishing adventure of a life time.

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