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Christmas Island Fishing Adventures

Christmas Island Fishing Adventures

Christmas Island Spear Fishing

Christmas Island is open to spear fishing only in the waters offshore. Free divers are welcome to explore the rich fishing grounds. Scuba diving on Christmas Island is available year-round and we offer experienced dive masters too. We offer 6 days of boat service with our fishing packages. The undisturbed virgin waters, beautiful coral ecosystems and abundance of underwater marine life provide the opportunity for a breathtaking undersea exploration. From the shore, the reef is only 100 feet wide with a small wall starting at 15-20 feet from shore. Reef fish abound in this area. At about 80 feet is the second drop and this large ledge drops quickly off into the abyss. Pelagic’s roam just off this ledge and a wide variety of bottom fish live down below. Visibility averages in the 100-150 foot range. Divers can experience amazing walls, pinnacles, as well as spur and groove formations. Not only does the reef offer delicious game fish for spearing, Christmas Island waters teem with colourful reef fish that dart around the beautiful coral formations. It is a sight to behold. Many varieties of angelfish, butterfly pairs, triggerfish, puffers and parrotfish can be seen. You won't believe your eyes! You'll add plenty of species to your life fish list on this trip (how about a flame angel, dragon moray or an oscillated lionfish). You can observe the manta rays, laugh with acrobatic spinner dolphins, glide with sea turtles, and encounter game fish every day. Christmas Island free diving is so beautiful even the most seasoned diver will be astounded. Book you Christmas Island Spear fishing adventure with us. You won’t be disappointed.

Spear fishing Limits while Reef Diving:  Sale of fish caught strictly prohibited.

•  (1) Napoleon Wrasse per person

•  (1) Giant Grouper per group

•  (1) Giant Trevelly per person  

•  (1) Red Grouper per group per zone

•  (1) Brown Grouper per group per zone

•  (1) Awa per group per zone

•  (1) Sweetlips per group per zone

•  (2) Snappers per person per zone

•  (1) Omilu per person per day

•  (1) Uku per person per zone