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Aloha!! My name is David Elgas owner of Christmas Island Fishing Adventures.  Luckily for me I had a father who like to fish and took me fishing at a very young age. I loved it and soon found myself going every time I could get the chance. Growing up in California I fished for both fresh water and salt water fish. I learned many styles of fishing and soon became quite good at fly fishing. In high school I found myself having a blast fly fishing for blue gill, crappie, and bass, in the local lakes. I even got good enough to catch come of the steal head and trout in the local streams.

In 1987 I moved to Hawaii in search of the perfect wave and soon found so much more. I learned to spear fish, live bait, offshore pelagic fish, bonefish, and top water pop. In recent years I have turned my fishing attention to kayak fishing and am currently a sponsored member of the Hobie Fishing Team. My kayak fishing adventures led me to La Paz Mexico and the famed Island Espirutu chain where we mother shipped the Sea of Cortez for a week. 

Living in Hawaii I have always heard about the great fishing on Christmas Islands. It’s a dream destination for many of Hawaii’s residents and for anglers around the world. On the back of the mother ship in La Paz it was decided the next fishing adventure should be Christmas Island. So began the long process of being the first in the world to kayak fish this very remote atoll. After 2 years of planning and preparation with fellow kayak angler Allen Sansano we were ready to kayak fish Christmas Island.

We found Christmas Island to be a very special place with friendly local people and an eco system fully intact. The remote pacific atoll experience is unique and incredible. The fishing is great and there are so many styles of fishing to do on the island. Not only did we kayak fish, we fly fished, we trolled for pelagic’s, we jigged, we baited, and we bottom fished. We caught and released so many fish with all styles of fishing and had the best time. A business contract between the local lodge and myself was created that would allow us to store our kayaks on Christmas Island as well as allow us to book traveling anglers to the lodge. Friendships were established and the bonds grew stronger with time. We strive to bring business to our gracious island neighbors. We began work supporting the development goals of the local community. A deep lasting affection for our island friends was formed. 

Our mission at the world largest coral atoll is to offer all traveling anglers a customizable, affordable, and incredible fishing experience. We have chosen a solid lodge with a strongly developed and trusted family name in the community. Our guides are the best and are well respected men in their local villages. We cater to all anglers including fly fisherman, GT top water anglers, bait casters, and offshore anglers. We provide an all inclusive fishing package that will takes care of you from the time you get off the plane till when you get back on the plane. We strive to provide a safe and comfortable expedition. Our goal is to create lasting lifelong memories for visiting guests. We are strongly committed to protecting and preserving this wild life marine sanctuary. We look forward to serving you. For more questions about us and for information on our fishing packages contact me at david@christmasislandfishingadventures.com   ALOHA, David Elgas